Bracelet clip

Bracelet clip

DANS Mechanical design
Client :
C'sympa ça
À propos du projet

The bracelet clip is a small object that fits in the hand and allows you to put on your bracelet without the intervention of a third person.

Our mechanical design office carried out the feasibility and development of this beautiful product worn by Cindy PINEAU. A realization which enabled her to win the bronze medal in the category “Nature and art of living” at the Lépine Paris competition.

From the specifications, our mission was to :

  • Design the entire product in 3D (CAD).
  • Make the prototypes.

Since November 2017, the bracelet clip is marketed under the brand name “C’ sympa ça” at the price of 3.90€.

Find more information on the shop of the brand C’ sympa ça.