Integrated car seat airbags (AxissFix Air)

Integrated car seat airbags (AxissFix Air)

DANS Mechanical design
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À propos du projet

CD Plast Engineering participated as a mechanical design office subcontractor to the design of the first car seat with integrated airbags ( Air Safety® technology ) from Bébé Confort. We supported the client during the development phase of plastic parts in particular.

The integrated car seat airbags (AxissFix Air) offers an unequaled level of protection which will reinforce the safety of your child at the most critical moments. This should reassure parents. It is equipped with Air Safety® technology.

Bébé Confort Air Safety® Technology

Bébé Confort Air Safety® technology is based on several years of research and innovation which have resulted in 5 patents worldwide. In the event of an accident, when the child is installed facing the road, the impact forces project his head forward. The fragile neck of the child is then subjected to sometimes too great efforts. With AxissFix Air, 2 airbags will be triggered immediately upon impact to support and dampen the movement of the head. Air Safety® technology thus reduces the stresses on its neck by up to 55%. 1 second after impact, the airbags deflate.