DANS Mechanical design
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À propos du projet

PMC EggO is a modern and compact terminal for betting collection operations. Easily transportable, it is equipped with batteries which allow it to operate without mains power for several hours independently. Its extensive telecommunications interfaces (Ethernet, 3G, Wifi) give its user great mobility in its implementation. Its sleek design incorporates a touchscreen coverglass, a printer and an optical reader which provide ergonomics of use adapted to taking bets. PMC EggO colors are customizable. It works in connected mode with the central real-time transactional system PMC 3000.

CD Plast Engineering participated in the mechanical development of the PMC EggO project. Our work consisted in producing 3D CAD files as well as 2D plans of the entire product from the input elements of design and marketing.

The main objective is to make and industrialize the product so that it is faithful in all the details to the work of the Design firm.

The complexity lies in the assemblies and the realization of the rib chains, as well as the respect of all the customer’s requirements.



Groupe CARRUS, PMC Egg0