CD Plast Engineering, a design office specializing in the design of plastic parts, offers you a complete approach in the development of your project.

Thanks to the correlation of our four design office activities specializing in the design of plastic products: R&D, simulation, outsourcing and design, we are able to support you, internally, throughout it . From sketches to industrial monitoring of your product!


Summary of our project approach:

  1. Needs analysis : Specifications, functional analysis, context / target, mindmap, etc.
  2. Feasibility : Brainstorming, technical proposal, 3D principle diagrams, SIMULATION , product design analysis , creativity phase.
  3. Development : 3D design, functional quotation, technical file, 2D drawing, SIMULATION, Design Optimization.
  4. Technical assistance : Prototypes, development, support, industrialization and testing, industrial design support.

The simulation department also intervenes throughout this process in order to validate the technical and economic choices. In our technical design office, all these steps are carried out internally.