Step 1

Concepteur de produits, bureau d'études mécaniques


CD Plast Engineering, mechanical design office specializing in the design of plastic parts / products , intervenes from the start of the project from the pre-project phase in order to validate with you the “input and output data” (deliverable). We support the writing of the functional specifications , the functional analysis and the analysis of the value of your complete product (small or large). It is also at the same time the time to work on the appearance of the product and its ergonomics ( industrial design part ).

Step 2


The feasibility analysis of the project makes it possible to build the various technical proposals which take the form of sketches at first or else a search for concepts in CAD (Computer Aided Design) with purified files. During this first stage, the parts are not technically “pushed”. It is a question of validating the initial hypotheses. Industrial design research (aesthetic aspect and use of the product) can be undertaken with our internal designers. Finally, depending on the progress of the project, it is possible to initiate an economic evaluation of the project. Essential phases in the conduct of your product design project, the functional analysis and the preliminary project make it possible to determine, validate and evaluate the technical choices of parts and polymers / plastics (thermoplastic, thermosetting, composite materials, etc.)

This step must be carried out jointly with the SIMULATION department, which will simultaneously engage in structural calculation simulations to validate all the starting hypotheses and all of your requirements. In this way, we guarantee the feasibility and viability of the project very early on.

Dessinateur projeteur, bureau d'études mécaniques

Step 3


Dessinateur projeteur, bureau d'études mécaniques

During this stage, we work on the development resulting from the feasibility solution that you have chosen. This moment is dedicated to going into detail and finalizing the product design . Overall, this step makes it possible to write all the elements necessary for industrialization: 3D files, 2D plan file, digital simulation reports and prototypes.


We support you on your mechanical studies, your product design and plastic parts design projects, requiring business software authorizing technical design (plan de joint, demolding, draft…) , file modifications and filetransfer under different formats , functional dimensioning and layout. CD Plast Engineering, thanks to these tools, designs and tests virtually by computer, the realization of your manufactured products. We can now offer you a much more detailed visualization of your parts / product by generating realistic renderings.

OUR TOOLS: Catia V5 , SOLIDWORKS , PTC Creo , Solid Edge , NX (Unigraphics) .

Step 4


CD Plast Engineering, mechanical design office, manages the design, production and validation of all your products. At the pre-project stage, we make mock-ups and prototypes in our workshop to verify a principle, validate a solution and a concept. We also rely on our means of production and 3D printing. We have them produced with our partners (plastic injection molding, milling, sintering, stereolithography…). We take care of the integration and assembly of these.


. Monitoring and production of prototypes (developed internally in our premises).
. Participation in the launch of industrial tools for small or large series : industrialization.
. Participation or organization of mechanical tests.
. Piloting and global project management: Technical Product Contact Person during the production of industrial resources.
. Participation in the assembly of parts (injected, machined, thermoformed …) “good material”.
. Development.