Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations (CFD) : static calculation of fluids (hydrostatic mechanics), dynamic calculation of fluids (analysis of moving fluids).

CD Plast Engineering, a mechanical design office specialising in the design of industrial products uses CFD to study the kinematics of fluids (gases and liquids).

This science enables the study of the flow properties of fluids (speed, temperature, density, viscosity, etc.), but also their interactions with their environment (exchanges and reactions).

The object of consequent analyses allowing to simulate the real functioning of a product in order to validate its principles, we distinguish two main chapters: fluid statics (hydrostatic mechanics), and fluid dynamics (analysis of moving fluids). This makes it possible to carry out a wide range of tests:

Thermal and aeraulic analyses

  • Sizing of fans, radiators, housing and thermal interfaces.
  • Optimization of the placement and positioning of components in relation to the air flow.
  • Dimensioning of heatsinks and thermal interfaces.
  • Optimisation of openings and positioning in relation to the air flow in natural or forced convection (optimisation of heat dissipation).
  • Thermal analysis of an electronic board.
  • Cooling of an electronic board by conduction.

To manipulate this tool and carry out such a study, the knowledge of our engineers and technicians is crucial.